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A child of God prayer exercise

Prayer Zone Journal: God, my Abba December 11 I come to the track at 7:30 a.m. to exercise and pray with my heavenly Father. I begin by imagining God’s throne room. It has no walls or doors, but stretches out

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Good news for everyone

For this Christmas season, I first pictured our December petit four as bold and eye-catching among our other delicate desserts: a dazzling gold bow atop beautiful, smooth red fondant draped delicately over the sides of a sponge cake. But although

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Supporting each other

On a recent morning I woke up eager to get to the track at the center of our town, to exercise and to pray. Since the previous night, I had been anxious and wanted to bring my concerns to my

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Trusting during adversity

There is one petit four that I have been eyeing this past month. (Yes: this means that my missing blue box has resurfaced at last! It was at the very bottom of one of our large moving boxes, hidden under

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Being in Eden

In June I wrote to you about my blue box of spiritual petit fours, and how each month we will taste and enjoy one of these snippets of scripture. I had discovered the blue box while sorting items as we

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Spiritual petit fours

You may have noticed that these devotional e-mails have not been popping up in your inbox for the last few months. I apologize. I took a brief hiatus while I have been writing Prayer Zone Workout for the Heart. However, they will

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Whole person prayer

Following the publication of Prayer Zone Workout for the Heart, I was invited to speak to students of Spiritual Formation at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, in South Hamilton, Massachusetts. I discussed with them my understanding of prayer as being holistic—involving the

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Behind the dedication

There is a story behind the quote on the dedication page of Prayer Zone Workout for the Heart. As I began writing this book, I wondered how authors chose those significant words to open their work. I already knew that

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Supporting each other prayer exercise

Five minutes of exercise: In God’s throne room, pray for a friend, family member, or neighbor and the burden that person is carrying. Make requests on the person’s behalf. Ask your heavenly Father how you can share the load. A

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Prayer Zone Workout for cancer patients

Three copies of Prayer Zone Workout for the Heart are available in the Maxwell V. Blum Cancer Resource Room of Massachusetts General Hospital. The Resource Room provides patients, their families and friends with information and resources for living with cancer.

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