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Summer fun

Summer is a great time to change the pace. Here are some opportunities for you to get your exercise organized and read up more on prayer. But don’t neglect the Prayer Zone Workout practice while you read! Motivational exercise tools:

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Suitable physical exercise for a Prayer Zone Workout

In Prayer Zone Workout for the Heart, I encourage you to create your own unique Prayer Zone Workout using the prayer exercises provided and your own physical exercise routine. Here, I want to give you more information on a suitable

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Whole person prayer

Following the publication of Prayer Zone Workout for the Heart, I was invited to speak to students of Spiritual Formation at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, in South Hamilton, Massachusetts. I discussed with them my understanding of prayer as being holistic—involving the

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Behind the dedication

There is a story behind the quote on the dedication page of Prayer Zone Workout for the Heart. As I began writing this book, I wondered how authors chose those significant words to open their work. I already knew that

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About the book

I’m going to start exercising… soon. I want to pray more often and more deeply… but I get distracted. Our resolutions to get in shape both physically and spiritually often fall short. We begin with enthusiasm, but find it difficult

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