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BookCoverNew_0914_Final_front_thumbIf you are looking for a way to become committed to and improve your physical and spiritual health, then pick up a copy of Prayer Zone Workout. The book is designed to quickly allow you to develop your own routine. It contains 40 prayer exercises to guide you in your prayer. These are available in condensed format on this web site and also via the accompanying app.

Prayer Zone Workout  is written out of my own need for physical exercise and prayer.

I found it difficult to commit to these two disciplines, particularly prayer. Often, prayer was boring. I struggled to stay focused; my mind would wander. Then I would lose motivation and enthusiasm.

Still, I wanted to be better at both prayer and exercise. With a busy schedule, I found carving out time for each activity to be challenging.

I decided to combine the two exercises of walking and praying, but it needed to be structured so I could stay attentive, and be inspired.

The structure of prayer I created is similar to the form of The Lord’s Prayer, and it fits with a simple exercise routine.

Enjoy! I would love to hear from you. Let me know how you get on. Post a comment below.



The book and eBook for Kindle are available at Amazon.com. Check out the companion app in the Apple iTunes app store or in the Google Play Store for Android devices.

2 Comments on “About the book

  1. Dear Rachel:

    I recently ran across your book and was deeply impacted by the spiritual intimacy with God that resulted from your devotions. I have been incorporating your devotions into our family devotions as well as those I serve in ministry. You are very gifted. Thanks for writing Prayer Zone Workout.

    God bless,

    Bill Henson
    Greater Boston

    • Hi Bill. Thank you for your comment. It was very encouraging to read that Prayer Zone Workout is being used not only with your family but within your ministry, too. This fall I am looking to make available more resources including a group study guide. God bless you in your ministry. Rachel

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