About the exercises

Here is a brief synopsis of how to use the Prayer Zone Workout exercises. More detailed information is available in the Introduction of Prayer Zone Workout.

Each exercise consists of four features to help you pray:

Five minutes of exercise. This is a suggested length of time for each exercise.

A word from scripture. These are scripture verses taken from the Bible that are relevant to a particular prayer exercise. I draw my scripture references from several translations of the Bible. The scriptures are there to help you focus biblically and ensure that you ground your prayer in God’s word. Take these scripture verses with you during your workout. You can print them out here, or use the Prayer Zone Workout app available for Android and iPhone.

Meditation guidance. This provides direction on how to pray during a particular exercise. It also guides you to use your spiritual imagination, and to use your breathing in prayer.

Journal. Here you will find journal entries from my own Prayer Zone Workouts. I hope that these will inspire and motivate you in prayer. You may want to start your own Prayer Zone Workout journal.

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