Spiritual petit fours

You may have noticed that these devotional e-mails have not been popping up in your inbox for the last few months. I apologize. I took a brief hiatus while I have been writing Prayer Zone Workout for the Heart. However, they will be returning this fall and once again arriving on a monthly basis. The devotions will take a new and refreshing angle. Think of these e-mails as little tidbits—picture them as delicious little petit fours—that are bite-sized insights about God to feed your mind, body, and soul. They will not be so big as to overwhelm you.

These little tidbits will continue to be taken from scripture to give us an understanding of God, our heavenly Father, and all that he desires for us to know about him. The other day it dawned on me that there are literally thousands of phrases and sentences in the Bible on which we can draw for these insights. We will not be bored! We will take these insights and digest them so that we can live healthier and well-satisfied lives.

In addition to writing, I’ve been packing boxes. My family is preparing to move (locally) and as I cleared out the loft of our house, I discovered that it contained the contents of the last twelve years and more of my family’s life. The loft was well and truly stuffed! As I made my way farther and farther into its depths it felt like I was cutting through the age rings of a tree. At first I encountered items we currently use—suitcases, Christmas decorations, portable floor fans for hot, humid summer months—but farther back there were things from earlier years: Legos, baby clothes, photo albums, and even an espresso maker we brought with us from the UK when we moved here seventeen years ago. We have carried it from house to house ever since, never able to use it because of the different voltage. Now is the time to discard it!

One of my discoveries was a blue box that contains snippets of scripture—words of God—that I have kept because the words are a delight to me. They are my petit fours. My eyes widen as I read the beauty of the words; and my mind, heart, and soul are nourished as I taste their meaning. So together we’ll be dipping into this blue box each month for our petit fours. Together we’ll learn what scripture has that is sweet to taste and designed to feed us. I’m looking forward to it. I hope you are, too. Each month will be an exciting discovery. See you in September!


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