PZW front coverIt’s a total body workout – heart, soul, mind and strength!  How many times have I started an exercise regimen only to drift away and lose interest in record time.  How many times do I hear women tell me that they feel like failures because of how they look, how they feel, and what they think.  At last, I have the answer for them, and for me – Prayer Zone Workout for the Heart.  It is a 21st century approach to living – healthy body and healthy heart.  Join Rachel on a journey to physical and spiritual health as you strengthen your prayer life, your heart, and your outlook on life. Everything you need (except your sneakers) is in this book: encouragement, Scripture, exercises, and challenge.  You can do it – get into the zone!!

Dr. Cynthia Fantasia,   Pastor, Service and Women, Grace Chapel, Lexington MA


What other people are saying about Prayer Zone Workout for the Heart: 

The structure and idea of combining exercise and prayer are very practical.

It focuses my mind—helping me search for God in all situations, even the mundane of exercise.

It encourages me to commit and continue consistently in a longer time of prayer, with more depth, especially in listening.

I am less angry and more focused. The routine of walking and praying is part of my weekly ritual.

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