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Beautiful clothes

Our petit four for the summer is the song “Search Me, Know Me” by one of my favorite Christian songwriters and worship leaders, Kathryn Scott. The lyrics go like this: Create in me a heart that’s clean Conquer the power

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Summer fun

Summer is a great time to change the pace. Here are some opportunities for you to get your exercise organized and read up more on prayer. But don’t neglect the Prayer Zone Workout practice while you read! Motivational exercise tools:

God’s Easter gift

In February I told a story about Father Valentine, and we considered how God longs to give us gifts, but sometimes we misunderstand and run in the opposite direction. Now as we prepare to celebrate Easter, let us focus on the

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God’s gift of salvation prayer exercise

Five minutes of exercise: Spend the next few minutes reflecting on God’s free gift of salvation and what it means to you. A word from scripture: For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith— and this is

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Suitable physical exercise for a Prayer Zone Workout

In Prayer Zone Workout for the Heart, I encourage you to create your own unique Prayer Zone Workout using the prayer exercises provided and your own physical exercise routine. Here, I want to give you more information on a suitable

Father Valentine

When I was a child, I looked forward to Valentine’s Day with great anticipation because I knew that Father Valentine would visit our house once it got dark. He would come bearing gifts not just for the children, but for

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God’s love for you

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Winterlude 2013 Workshop Handouts

If you attended the Prayer Zone Workout for the Heart Workshop at Winterlude 2013 on Saturday, January 19th, here is a copy of the workshop handout and prayer exercises:

Inside out thoughts

This morning I nearly went for my Prayer Zone Workout wearing my pants inside out! (Sweatpants—to those of you reading this on the other side of the pond.) It was very early, and I was half-asleep when I got dressed.

A child of God devotional

A new year brings the opportunity of a fresh start, but events from the old year—whether personal or on a larger scale—often impact our new beginnings. When I began writing this note, on the second day of 2013, I sat